Sling Shot Gin

70cl | 41.7% Alc | €44.95

Our journey to create a premium Gin started in earnest about 18 months before Sling Shot Gin was launched in Oct 2018. There were 3 essential components – creating great spirit, presenting it in a striking bottle and selecting a brand name that would resonate with consumers, but yet which reflected our brand values.

The spirit element married several years of Mike’s diligent experimentation work with Botanicals alongside the expertise of Julia Nourney, a renowned Spirits developer, to create something decidedly unique and innovative.

Selecting the correct bottle and packaging components involved numerous iterations with our patient creative people and packaging suppliers, before settling on the final Sling Shot bottle, which is distinctive in its category.

The final element was the name. We were anxious to find something which tied in the local with our overall brand, and our values. Hearing and researching the story about how the legendary Queen Maeve of Connaught met her demise with a blow from a Slingshot while bathing at Inchcleraun on Lough Ree attracted our attention. Notwithstanding that they were “giants of men” in those days, the sheer distance from the Longford shore of Lough Ree to the nearest point on Inchcleraun is well over a Kilometre, and thus we reflected on the characteristics that Furbaide, the alleged Slingshot operator possessed. Realising that he must have been diligent, focused and confident, we saw an immediate synergy between those traits and those that we strive for at Lough Ree Distillery. And thus, the brand Sling Shot was born, as a nod to the ancient history carried on the winds of Lough Ree, but also as forward-looking manifestation of the Modern, Confident Ireland that Lough Ree Distillery represents.